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Why choosing Locksmith Experts is smarter than a Mechanic or the dealer?

If you have a stuck ignition, your key wont turn or broken in your cylinder, Locksmith Experts technician will come and fix it on the spot. 90% of the times with 0 parts needed. Our techs know how to handle any cylinder on any car, GM, FORD,Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Honda,VW and more, in fact, our techs can resolve any ignition or lock cylinder at the spot and we are available to serve you day and night 24/7, holidays and weekend, We do not take a break.
We love our Job and we proud to say yes when other say no.

Yes we can fix a theft damage on an high security ignition, yes we can get a broken key out of your Honda ignition and we can repair the ignition on the spot with no need in parts or towing.

Don't choose the dealer because the dealer and the mechanic both know only one thing about locks,how to replace them!

In most cases replacing the ignition means replacing allot of very expansive and unnecessary parts and will also lead to key replacement, and unnecessary expanses on labor, programming and codes. We can save you all the hassle  on towing hours of waiting and allot of money spending, by choosing the right provider for the right job. 

When you need to do your oil change take it to the dealer,

When you have a problem with your electricity do not call the plumber! When you need a key, Lock, Cylinder, Remote or any other work done on your ignition call or visit us at our shop.

Locksmith Experts - 8516 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132


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