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High-Security Doors For The Home Or Office

St. Louis Locksmith Experts has a large inventory of steel-reinforced high-security doors available in our showroom. While you may think of a steel door as a potential eye-sore, our doors are professionally-finished with attractive wood grain to match typical residential or commercial doors.

All of our high-security doors come complete with a three-way locking mechanism, six multi-directional bolts, and a lock cylinder with serrated steel pins to ensure the highest security and anti-theft measures. Custom-made metal door jambs and strike plates carefully designed by our security team will help to safely guard all of your valuables. A swift kick to one of these doors will only leave an intruder with a sore foot. Instantly make any room in your house a safe room with a quick call to St. Louis Locksmith Experts

A Scary, But True Fact
Security is often overlooked.

Your residence already has a door with a lock so what can go wrong? 97% of St Louis home builders and contractors use home improvement stores to install locks on new construction and repairs/replacements. While these locks offer a basic level of security, even the more expensive units found in these big box stores are easily pickable, bumpable, and drillable. A quick search on YouTube will return thousands of examples of how easy it is to gain entry into a home. Make sure your home is not one of those 97% under-protected in St. Louis.

Locksmith Experts is not in the fear business, but rather that of providing peace of mind. We carry high security doors as a result of customer demand and present day reality. Safety and satisfaction is our business and we take it very seriously. Call us today to upgrade the security in your home or office and sleep a bit easier knowing your valuables and loved ones are safe.Type your paragraph here.

Can't kick it,Can't Pick It!

Residential and Commercial High Security Doors